Monday, March 28, 2016

Review: Quick Bites Comedy

A compilation show featuring 10 comedians from the festival, each doing 5-7 minutes of their best material, This show is set up like any pub gig you would find around Melbourne on any night outside of the festival.  There is an emcee and a line up of 10 comedians of differing styles and subject matter

Compilation shows are great for discovering a comedian you have not previously experienced. Find one you enjoy then grab their flyer and buy a ticket to their full show. Find one you don’t like then just sit back because they will finish in a few minutes and another comedian is just around the corner.

Remember comedy is an art form and is therefore subjective. There were acts in this show tonight that did not match my personal tastes ,  and I did not find them particularly funny however other audience members were loving it.

The standouts for me tonight were Ryan Coffey performing sans guitar and loop pedal and a guy named Shamus (sorry did not catch his surname)

You’ll definitely get your $10 worth.

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