Friday, March 25, 2016

Review: Frank Woodley - Extra Ordinary

It is fitting that in the 30th anniversary year of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival that the first I see is Frank Woodley, an Australian comedy icon whose career started at the very first festival.

30 years on his style of clowning is still steeped in idiocy, word play and astonishing physicality. 30 years on he is still hilariously, laugh out loud funny.

As a clown he does not wear a red nose but he unashamedly loves a cheap costume something that creates the very lose thread to this perfectly crafted ramshackle and deceptively random performance.   So much comedy from a paper placemat!

The K-Mart and cricket stories are Woodley at his best  before  he finishes with his version of Shakespeare.

Be warned however as great as Woodley is a comedy he is equally poor at timekeeping. The 60 minute show lasted 90 minutes - not that it ever felt long, it was 90 minutes of strong laughs - but might become an issue for people planning on seeing more than one show on the same evening.

1 comment:

  1. Frank Woodley was a major disappointment. His first 20 minutes was so thin and rambling that it appeared as unprepared ad lib. he rambled and repeated himself searching for laughs. He yelled into the mike until he finally squeezed out nervous laughs. Jokes with conventional build ups and punchlines or clever use of words was lacking and it appeared that a small number of gags were stretched thinly over an hour hoping that spin offs and tangents may get him by. I was hoping for something that I would remember and chuckle about all the way home but maybe we caught Frank on one of his lesser nights?