Thursday, July 21, 2016

I have moved

Thank you for visiting this blog, especially those people who come back week after week for new posts. For future posts please visit my shiny new website

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Friday, July 1, 2016

Signs of the times

What happens in a Spanish hotel stays in a Spanish hotel
From public transport in Spain
Seat reserved for people with goiters, and Seinfeld fans
Being hung like that is it any wonder he wants to put his feet up?
No songs with harmonies?
Most public transport bans drinking, this one requires drinks to be served on the rock, and for the drinks to be big!
From public transport in Barcelona, Spain
No smoking behind someone wearing a horsehair wig
No performing in "black face"
No poor people; you don't need a ticket just the means to acquire one
No mountain climbing over the chairs
No renovating; how often have you been sitting there thinking "what this train needs is an inside/outside room?"
From Adelaide airport, Australia
Two questions; 1. Just how bad is Adelaide water that this is even an option? 2. How often is this happening that it needed a sign?

Colorado, USA
If this is downtown, what do the outskirts look like?