Sunday, July 26, 2015

Shutter Speed A Beginning

Consider the lens to be the eye of the camera. If aperture can be considered to be the pupil dilating and constricting, then shutter speed is how fast the eye blinks.

fast shutter speed 1/500 to freeze movement
Aperture is a measure of how wide the lens is open, shutter speed is a measure of time – how long the lens is open.

Shutter speed is measured in seconds or most commonly fractions of a second. Let’s take a few seconds to revise fractions that we tried to ignore during primary school maths lessons.

Shutter Speed can be used to manage movement and light. A Fast shutter speed will enable the photographer to freeze movement and create a sharp image like the water skier.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Aperture - A Beginning

Perhaps the one word in photography that strikes fear into the heart of a beginner photographer, aperture may be the one thing that scares people from moving from auto to manual modes.

If a lens is to the camera as the eye is to the human body then aperture is the pupil. Pupils dilate (open) and constrict (close) according to the light.

Aperture setting are referred to a f-stops. Aperture is measured in set intervals. Each f-stop lets in half as much light as the next biggest setting. 

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Aussie Aussie Aussie
There is nothing more Aussie than a baby boomer being racist, casually or otherwise. Dawn Fraser, you are Aussie as! Sure you have apologised because of the hatred sent your way through traditional and social media. We all know that you are not sorry for what you said but rather that what you said backfired on you.

There has been criticism that one of Australia’s original and arguably most famous sporting brats has come out denouncing a current behaviourally challenged athlete.

Fraser’s sporting career was plagued with controversy as she flouted the rules of her sport and participated in criminal activity, behaviour that led to a 10 year ban from the sport, but nowadays is just seen as being a larrikin.

Because of  Nick Kyrgios “larrikin” behaviour – read boorish, childish, and arrogant – during his Wimbledon campaign. Fraser called for him to return to the countries his parents came from. Fraser herself is the daughter of immigrants.

This is definitely the case of the pot calling the kettle too black.

Because of her own past many people argue that she is in no position to comment on the behaviour of other sport stars. I argue that she is well qualified – from a sporting sense.

The best people to assist smokers to quit are former smokers because no one quite understands the physical and psychological battles of quitting than someone who did it themselves.

In the same way, who better to mentor a budding sports star caught in the world of fame, money and ego than someone who struggled to manage it themselves. Remember that being good at sport is also about confidence and believing you are the best, with people surrounding you continuously reminding you that you are the best.

As for her simplistic understanding of cultural tolerance, I would also suggest she is well qualified to host a late night talk-back radio program.

This topic is nothing but a storm in a bitter old lady’s tea cup. It was nothing more than something about which breakfast television presenters, the twitterazi and bloggers to righteously pontificate…

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Photography - Frame With In A Frame

It is the Inception of photograph composition. When photographers talk about the frame they are talking about the outer edge of the photograph. The edge of what you can see when looking through the view finder or the LCD screen of the camera.
A frame within the frame is when something within the image itself creates a frame for the subject, and therefore helps draw the viewers’ eyes to it. The frame within a frame technique can add depth to a photograph.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Rule of Thirds

Introduction to Rule of Thirds


People say rules are meant to be broken and many would argue that the Rule of Thirds should not only be broken but totally destroyed and forgotten. However you need to understand a rule before you can break it and the Rule of Thirds is a good starting point for improving the composition of your photograph, creating balanced and interesting images.

Imagine that when you look through the view finder/LCD screen that the screen is divided into thirds, both horizontally and vertically. This will divide the screen into 9 equal sections

Some cameras will have a feature in the menu that will allow you to turn on grid lines.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Not in that top you don't

Apparently it is news that Wimbledon, not only has a dress code for its players but chooses to enforce it. The dress code is long standing and widely known. Wimbledon is proud of its traditions and is steadfastly maintaining them.

The dress code is simple, wear white clothing. Sure there is fine print about 1cm of colour trim being allowed, blah blah blah. If we can see it then it must be white, including underwear.

Canadian Eugenie Bouchard, playing in the 2015 women’s singles draw faced sanctions and possible point penalties by wearing a clearly visible black bra.

Oh the controversy!

If the rule was new or inconsistently enforced then maybe there is room for mild disapproval.

Instead we have righteous vitriol because Wimbledon administrators are unfairly archaic.

No. Wimbledon has rules and standards. Follow them.

Personally I think there should be more dress standards in life. If for no other reason it would make it easier for everyone. No more wasted time standing draped only in a towel, or less, wondering “what will I wear today”. It will reduce the stress and embarrassment of being either under or over-dressed.

It could also help eliminate the unfortunate current trend of men wearing their trousers so low that it is not just the waist band of their underwear on display but the leg elastic as well.

We all know the cliché of nightclub bouncers preventing patrons from entering the premises on the basis of their chosen footwear. I think there should be more of this to prevent fashion faux pas.

Ugg boots and mini-skirts, are you hot or cold choose one and go with it. You can’t be both.

Sandal with socks, see ugg boots with mini-skirts. Even if you are over the age of 80.

Leggings are not pants!

Sports teams’ clothing, guernseys, scarfs, beanies unless you are a professional athlete and it is a contractual obligation or a spectator only on the day/night of the game.

Short sleeve shirts worn with a tie.

Flip flops/thongs do not offer any protection to your feet in anyway whatsoever. Wear these at you own risk of getting sore feet if you have to walk anywhere or you stub your toe or your foot gets accident trodden on. The same rule applies is things get spilt on your feet, food crumbs, a drink, urine when you are standing next to someone in a urinal.  Also thanks for letting the world look at and smell your feet while we are at work/shopping/eating/generally trying to live our lives in peace.