Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Aussie Aussie Aussie
There is nothing more Aussie than a baby boomer being racist, casually or otherwise. Dawn Fraser, you are Aussie as! Sure you have apologised because of the hatred sent your way through traditional and social media. We all know that you are not sorry for what you said but rather that what you said backfired on you.

There has been criticism that one of Australia’s original and arguably most famous sporting brats has come out denouncing a current behaviourally challenged athlete.

Fraser’s sporting career was plagued with controversy as she flouted the rules of her sport and participated in criminal activity, behaviour that led to a 10 year ban from the sport, but nowadays is just seen as being a larrikin.

Because of  Nick Kyrgios “larrikin” behaviour – read boorish, childish, and arrogant – during his Wimbledon campaign. Fraser called for him to return to the countries his parents came from. Fraser herself is the daughter of immigrants.

This is definitely the case of the pot calling the kettle too black.

Because of her own past many people argue that she is in no position to comment on the behaviour of other sport stars. I argue that she is well qualified – from a sporting sense.

The best people to assist smokers to quit are former smokers because no one quite understands the physical and psychological battles of quitting than someone who did it themselves.

In the same way, who better to mentor a budding sports star caught in the world of fame, money and ego than someone who struggled to manage it themselves. Remember that being good at sport is also about confidence and believing you are the best, with people surrounding you continuously reminding you that you are the best.

As for her simplistic understanding of cultural tolerance, I would also suggest she is well qualified to host a late night talk-back radio program.

This topic is nothing but a storm in a bitter old lady’s tea cup. It was nothing more than something about which breakfast television presenters, the twitterazi and bloggers to righteously pontificate…

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