Friday, March 25, 2016

Review: Grant Busé - The Late Night Sexy Show

Let the title, promotional image and time slot of this show be a big clue  that this show is not for the prudish. It is all about sex, peoples likes/dislikes and Busé’s five simple rules for a successful sex.

On the night I saw his show the audience was relatively small and very quiet, the material is great and deserves a larger crowd, a rowdier crowd, a bawdier crowd.  This is definitely a show that the more an audience puts into it the more they will get out of it. Let me be clear there is no question of Busé’s performance he literally puts everything out there.

Many people are fearful of audience participation, sometimes with good reason. Not this show, Busé is a warm and generous performer any interaction is to laugh with the audience not at them.

The show is full of innuendo and entendre – single, double and more. And music, the show is full of music. As a fellow music comedian I am extremely envious of his work on the guitar.

The bottom megamix is a stand out.

He is only doing a limited season, so be sure to not miss out!

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