Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Review: Andrew McClelland - We Really Must Do This Again Sometime

Andrew is one of the happiest and most energetic comedians going around. He gives it all on stage. His show is a mix of fantastic word play, sharp observations all punctuated by some singing and dancing.

Performing in a “room” at the Forum Theatre. I say room because it feels like a converted closet, furnished with church pews., despite the ever increasing heat in the room everyone of the more than sold out audience enthusiastically joined in the final song.

Melbourne loves its comedy, but not enough to respect the start time. More than 50% of McClelland’s audience arrived more than 10 minutes into the show.  Whilst it disrupted the flow of his prepared material it did not halt the laughs. In Andrew’s words “I loved the show the best part was the logistics.”

Actually the best part was the drinking song. It is difficult to pick just one highlight in such a constantly funny show.

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