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Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2015 - A Suggestion

A short summary of some of the shows I can recommend in this year’s festival. Most of them do not have successful television and radio careers…yet! They might be season’s end. Visit for more details and tickets for each of these showes


Andrew McClelland  Overdressed And Underwhelmed.
Andrew is one of the most intelligent and genuinely friendly comedians - a master performer and storyteller. He will leave audiences guessing whether his stories are true or made up. If they are true then you will genuinely learn something if they are not you will probably never know – either way you will be genuinely entertained.

Darren Freak  A Freak By Any Other Name
Darren returns for his fourth music comedy show. There no real theme or moral to this show and the segues and thin at best during this show but the songs are new and they are funny. Yes this is written in third person to hide the conceit of writing about my own show.

Dilruk Jayasinha Immegrateful
Ok so as Dilruk will readily remind his audiences he is not really a Melbourne local, he is a ever present and entertaining force on the Melbourne comedy circuit. He is a regular MC around the traps. Expect a lot of audience interaction, gentle but funny conversation.

Fancy Boy Variety Show: No Refunds
These guys won the Golden Gibbo Award in 2014. A bit stand up, a bit music, a bit sketch – a lot funny. Masters of the absurd. Only performing Friday and Saturday nights during the festival. It is unlikely that tickets will still be available at the door, get on line and book  your ticket now.

Ged & Jamie Cockbagg’s Ye Old Star Warze AND This is History…Melbourne: A Walking Tour
Yes these guys are showing off by performing two shows during this years festival. Ged and Jamie are two of the nicest guys in Melbourne comedy, and great supports of emerging local talent. They now deserve support by way of ticket sales. If that was not reason enough they are sure to make you laugh. Ged and Jamie are skilled in character comedy, word play and dad jokes (the clever funny kind).


Amos Gill Gillty
Amos won Best Newcomer t MICF in 2014 and now hosts a breakfast radio in Adelaide. Obviously he does not need any more promotion, but I included him here anyway because when push comes to shove he is just bloody funny.

Ben Darsow Now
Ben has been a mainstay of Adelaide Comedy for more than a decade and has enjoyed success touring North America. His effortless style and smile will put every audience at ease. Oh, and his observational comedy is sharp and funny.

Jason Chong & Chris Weber  Blowhards
Jason has toured the country as a support act for some of the word’s biggest names in comedy. Chris is a talented musician. Combined they could be a unstoppable force in a perfect blend of stand up and music comedy.  There experience and talent will make this a must see show.

Mr Snot Bottom  And The Curse Of The Stinky Silly Zombie Babies
Mark Trewnwith returns with his friend Mr Snot Bottom for another MICF season.  A seasoned performer

As Andy Griffith has proven with his ‘Just” books, stinky gross stuff if comedy gold for children.  Snot Bottom is gross, stinky, silly and hilarious. A must see for families.

Georgie Carroll Nurse Case Scenario
Get to Georgie’s show while her prices are affordable and tickets are available. She is definitely a comedian on the rise. She has been touring the country selling out shows and winning awards.

THE (still but only just) UNITED KINGDOM

Craig Hill Give Him An Inch
Not for the faint hearted. He is camp, he is brash, he is sassy, he is cutting and he is hilarious.  The last time I saw Craig perform my face was saw from laughter – and he was only on stage for 7 minutes at the Festival Club.  The Scottish accent is inherently amusing, but Craig would be wildly funny with any voice. Only 6 performance – get your ticket early.

Josie Long Cara Josephine
Josie is returning to Melbourne after previously being nominated for the Barry Award. Josie is a regular on British television, radio and podcasts and for good reason.  Josie is surprisingly happy – in explicable for someone on the professional comedy circuit. Her happiness is hilariously contagious.

Milton Jones And The Temple Of Daft
Ok so Milton is slightly odd ball. His delivery and comedic timing is like no other, but is sublime. The show is full of puns, word play, stand up and visual comedy. If you missed his first Melbourne season at last year’s festival then you missed something wonderful. Don’t make the same mistake again. Last year I laughed until my face hurt.


Dave Anthony Hot Head
Presented by his mate Wil Anderson, Dave is here for his first MICF. Dave is angry, honest and crass. Oh and funny, very funny. He is a podcast star. His observations are alarmingly truthful and self deprecating. Expect to see him pop up in a number of compilation shows throughout the festival.

Mike Wilmot
Mike is here to show all comedians how to be angry, crude and insanely funny all at the same time. This is a combination that many performers struggle to perfect. Not his first time to Melbourne, there is a good reason we keep wanting him back.


100% Nuts 4Awesome

At only $20 for 2 hours this compilation show is value for money.  The line up will be different every night, showcasing a wide range of comedians performing in the festival.

100% Nuts is a great chance to sample a few comedians before racing off to the box office to buy tickets to your favourite performers solo shows.

There is a rumour I am performing in this show on Wed 25 March.

Ali MCGregor’s Late-Nite Variety-Nite Night

Ali McGregor late night show is a stalwart of the comedy festival. The show will be packed with guests – planned and unplanned. The performances will be packed with songs, stories, jokes, and general messing about – planned and unplanned.Buy your tickets early for this show as it is sure to sell out. Starting at 11.30pm it is definitely worth staying up for.

Set List
The American television comedy phenomenon is returning to Melbourne for another season that is sure to sell out fast. Each night will have a different line up of some of the best comedians from the festival. The comedians learn of the topics for their “set list” at the same time as the audience. The jokes are then made up on the spot. Witness comedy as it is being created.

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