Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Melbourne International comedy Festival – Off Stage

With 2 weeks to go rehearsals are in full swing. If only my cat could sing, she would be well equipped to be my stand in having laid on the couch for all of my in home rehearsing. Questions still remain regarding her stage craft.

Testing material in front of non-feline audiences has also occurred with great results. The songs have evoked laughter – for all of the right reasons. Based on audience reactions and feedback some of the material has been refined. Tightened. Thankfully none of it had to be either dropped or completely overhauled. I think my head would have imploded if I had to un-learn material and then learn it again in.

I have a problem with my memory at the best of times.

Part of planning for this show has included cheats to help jog my memory. It will be like a live “Where’s Wally. Join the audience and see how many you can spot.

Printed adds have been booked and printing of posters and flyers is well underway. Look out for my face watching you eat and drink in a Melbourne café any time now. It won’t be awkward for any one, I promise.

The MICF program is now out. What’s more people are reading it and seeing my show. I have had people ask what is it like to see your own show in the program. First of all flattering that people are recognising me and approaching me in a friendly way. Secondly it is extremely exciting. Thirdly it is terrifying, suddenly it all gets very real. People are buying tickets. 20% of all tickets have already sold including opening night which is sold out! And my advertising does not even really started.

The nerves kick in, big time. Particularly when I start to question the value of the feedback my cat has given during all of the rehearsals

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