Monday, March 16, 2015

Melbourne International Comedy Festival - Off Stage 3

People wonder why a producer is necessary for a comedy show. How much production does one person on stage talking or singing random stuff really need?
Let me tell you.

A producer does a lot of important off stage work that can take the comedian away from the art of performing comedy.
  • Preparing and distributing press releases. Despite the apparent narcissistic tendencies of comedians writing about yourself, in the third person without sounding like a dick is actually quite difficult. Much easier to have someone else write about you and make you sound like a dick.
  • Coordinating the printing and distribution of posters and flyers. Mine are now out and about in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.  I would love to see pictures of you with my posters. This does not mean I condone selfies. Tweet them to @DfTours or #FreakName
  • Source costumes for segments of your show. Most importantly negotiates a loan of said props. Any saving is a bonus for the artist and ultimately for the audience with cheaper tickets.
  •  Delivering and collecting items from the Comedy Festival office. I am lucky in as much as the office is conveniently close to me. But those few minutes of back and fourth are valuable moments of rehearsal.
  • Assisting in the creation of techniques to help compensate with memory issues and no, one of them is not writing material on my hand and arms. Although my arms are freakishly long there is not room for the lyrics of 11 songs!
  • Negotiating/argue with venue about ticketing, technical requirements, even seat layout

Despite the great assistance a producer provides an artist, the one thing they can’t do is buy up all of the tickets, that is the responsibility of you the public.  Help to produce a great show by buying a ticket now.

One rule of comedy is the Rule of 3, so here are three ways to buy tickets to my show. (feel free to buy 3 tickets)



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