Sunday, April 6, 2014

Melbourne International Comedy Festival - Week #2

Another week of shows...

Stephen Hall, Raiders of the Temple of Doom's Last Crusade so you wanted to watch all original three of the Indiana Jones movies but your vcr/dvd/internet is broken? Get to this show and watch one man do them all. It is very silly - but when you are doing a farce of a movie franchise that is itself a farce it has to be silly. Some clever visual gags. The better you know the movies the funnier this show will be.

Pat Burtscher's Overwhelmed Pat is my surprise find so far in this year's festival. To be honest I only went to this show because it was on at the time I was looking for a show and it was close by. But so glad I went I laughed beginning to end. Pat is a philosopher, in the same way a taxi driver is. He wants the world to be simpler and happier. Ignore the fact that this show is playing in a ramshackle of a room in a warehouse and get out to see this.

Geraldine Quinn MDMA: Modern Day Maiden Art  I was still laughing about this show days after seeing it. Geraldine performs music comedy like no other. The show is built on a narrative and the songs add as much to the laughs as they do to the story. Her audiences should be as big as her voice.

Elbowskin's POV The nice guys of Melbourne comedy do it again. Their laid back style, easy interactions with their audience, the harmonies and Dave and Ern's own sense of enjoyment in what they do all add to make this a strong show full of laughs. It is not about anything - just funny. Oh and I won a packet of Cheetos! Playing at the Forum, it does appear they are playing under the stairs.

Shappi Khorsandi Shappi is Iranian who has and many opportunities on UK television and radio. This is sort of a meandering story with a lot of strong laughs. The best material was when Shappi played with the audiences prejudices and stereotypes - in the nicest possible way.

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