Sunday, March 30, 2014

Melbourne International Comedy Festival - Week 1

Shows I have seen so far

Ryan Coffey - the master of the loop pedal has the voice perfect for a power rock ballad and the beard of a bushranger. Master of the loop pedal. The show is a mix of songs and stand up, some old and new material.

Boy With Tape on His Face - pure genius mining comedy gold from what appears to be a random collection of everyday items as he uses them in a series perfectly timed sketches. Not a word is spoken. Lots of audience participation and interaction. Even more laughs.

The Big Hoo-Haa - a strong and confident improvisation group. Playing a series of improvisation games where everything is made up. Anything can happen and probably will. There is no amplification so move to the front to make sure you do not miss any of the surprising lines. Not every game works out perfectly, but like travel the comedy of improvisation is as mush in the journey as it is the destination.

The Festival Club - different line up every night with a mix of Australian and international artist representing all comedy genres. Bob Franklin as funny and dry as ever - a few audience members were on the verge of choking due to laughter at his set. Dave Callan always prepared to do whatever it takes to get a laugh, and always gets the laugh. Geraldine Quinn consummate performer still the comedy rock goddess. David O'Doherty (UK)  a toy yamaha keyboard was not to meant to be so funny. A perennial favourite of the festival, the crowd loves him and with very good reason. Jen Kirkman (USA) she is brash, she is bold, she is sassy. She is American but god she is funny. It is a big room with hundreds in the audience including a lot of comics that have finished work for the night and just want to relax and drink but the whole room was with her. This room always sells out.

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