Monday, April 14, 2014

Melbourne International Comedy Festival Week #3

Perfect Tripod Australian Songs
This could be one of the best shows I have seen. Never has 4 part all male a cappella sounded so good. Eddie Perfect and the Tripod boys combine to perform unique renditions of some Australian music greatest hits. The banter between (and sometimes during the songs) was perfectly timed and funny. Some unexpectedly funny moments were built into the lyrics of these re-worked anthems  It has been a long time sines I have participated in a standing ovation. I even bruised my hand from clapping so much. They are NOT a boy band. Don't stop the harmony!

The Underlads Cock(pit) Malfunction
The duo play the role of flight attendants, or is it in flight customer service officers and the audience are the passengers. Some cleverly planned props. A great premise for a comedy show unfortunately timed considering missing flight MH370.

Angus Hodge Finding My Rose-coloured Glasses
Hodge cleverly weaves a number of narratives from his won life. This is not a "break-up" show. The small room at The Forum and Hodge's relaxed delivery makes for an intimate and enjoyable hour of comedy.

Bob Franklin Steven Gates & Roz Hammond The Writers
This is sketch comedy at its best. Franklin, Gates (Gatesy from Tripod) & Hammond bring together all of their comedy and acting skills for this show that is laugh out loud from beginning to end. Some of the funniest moments were from a facial expression or subtle body movement. The team prove that laid back and subtle comedy is just as funny if not funnier that loud and frantic performances. I am not sure if they skilfully broke the fourth wall or if it never existed in the first place. If it is possible to ham it up and underplay the role at the same time then these three seasoned performers achieved it.

Milton Jones
Jones is an expert in the deadpan online pun. This is how dad-jokes should be delivered. My face hurt from laughing I was exhausted at the end of the hour. He uses an overhead projector (remember those?) to put a simple but highly effective visual layer to one section of his show. He interacts with the audience maintaining complete control for some of his biggest laughs.

Tim Vine The Chat Show
Another master of the pun.  He breaks the golden rule of comedy by not only inviting audience members onto stage but also giving them a microphone as Vine hosts his version of a chat show. The night I was there the audience members on stage were not offering him much to work with but just when it felt the show might unravel Vine hits out with some hilarious word play and quick-fire puns.

Denise Scott Mother Bare
Quite rightly Scotty has been nominated for the 2014 Barry Award. No-one tells a story quite like Denise Scott. She again sets a bench mark for all other comedians to attempt to attain. Mother Bare is an abridged autobiography. Scotty weaves the stories together with simple projections, wildly funny physical comedy and hilarious interactions with the large and adoring audience. Whilst not unexpected her audience is somewhat older than many shows at this year's festival, that said there is no reason why all ages would not find this one of the best shows in 2014

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