Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Melbourne International Comedy Festival Week #4

This is the final week of the 2014 festival - don't miss out

Dave Callan A Little Less Conversation
To be honest when I left the house to see some festival shows tonight I did not expect I would be seeing Dave Callan's show. I also did not expect it to be so funny. The show is the perfect mix of dance comedy and viking. Callan and his dancing girls take the audience through the history of dance. Callan is surprisingly nimble and knows how to work the stage and his audience.

The Comedy Zone
The Melbourne International Comedy Festival has hand picked 5 emerging comedic talents from around the country, as expected in a such a showcase some of the comedians have emerged ore than others. Aaron Chen (NSW) - previous Class Clown winner - delivers a strong set working his nervous schtick for some great laughs. I can't wait to see Geoffrey Windle (QLD) in a full hour solo show.

Wolf Creek The Musical
One of Australia's great horror mysteries is turned into a musical. A comedy musical. Damn it is good. The amateur nature of the acting and staging is all part of its charm and a strong part of the humour. The performers ham it up delivering sensational one liners and poke fun at some of the major plot points of the movie. If only all product placements were this funny. One of the death scenes is very Monty Python-esque and just as funny.

Stella Young Tales From the Crip
I have not seen such a strong opening to a comedy show for along time. This is an hour of jokes you will be repeating on your way home and you will never look at the carrot section of your local fruit and veg shop the same way again. Stella skilfully confronts the taboo of being a "cripple" people in a "normal" world.

Ronny Chieng Chieng Reaction
Ronny is annoyed. A lot, About everything. The more mundane the better. No one performs an angry yelly rant quite like Ronny. He is the big thing in Aussie comedy at the moment. Buy his CD, MP4 or long play vinyl! Last arrival to his show - 48 minutes into a 60 minute show!

Kevin Bridges Live
Kevin is a UK comedy superstar. Sure he is a potty mouth but damn he is funny. Well mainly - I missed some of his material because I just could not understand his accent, which was my loss. Resplendent in a suit, his comedy is pub storytelling at its finest.

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