Sunday, September 27, 2015

Photographing Children

Let’s face it if you have a camera and enjoy photography at some stage you are going to take photos of your children or be asked to take photos of someone else’s.  Consider the ethical and legal responsibilities of photographers taking images of children and seek the parent’s permission before removing the lens cap.

That said let’s look at how to take better images of children. The best photos of children will capture a moment in which they are engaged in an activity, not when they are all lined up in matching outfits smiling dutifully at the camera.

The beauty of them being engaged in activity is firstly they forget about the camera and start to naturally show their personality and emotion. The second beauty is you can capture the children’s natural personality and emotion.

The camera never lies and natural expression is more honest and conveys so much more story than a pose image. The excitement of playing, the concentration of reading a book/playing a computer game, the joy when interacting with a favourite toy or animal, the interest in listening to a loved one talk.

To learn more about improving your techniques when photographing children visit d-tips/photographing-children

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