Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Bottom of the Internet

Computer technology, and in particular the internet have highlighted the generation gap like nothing before. Older generations fear and avoid it, younger generations love it and are eternally online.

One thing that has galvanised this divide, with each group using it as evidence to justify their position, is Kim Kardashian’s bottom.

Actually, when it comes down to it, everything about the Kardashians could be tabled as evidence.

A woman who is famous for have a sex taped leaked used the power of the internet to create a multimillion dollar income by doing not much of anything. It could be argued that at the beginning she was attractive. This argument is increasingly difficult to maintain as the cosmetic surgeries and airbrushing of photos  - a result of the Kardashian’s tight control of their “image” - she now resembles a caricature of herself.

The recent image of her derrière is bizarre at best. Is she competing with Niki Minaj to see who can have the most ludicrously large, artificially enhanced bott-bott?

For older generations the fact that Miss Kardashian is famous in the first place is proof of how dangerous the internet can be and why one should be cautious in its use.

Your younger generations the Kardashian Klan are aspirational. They can become rich and famous without having any discernable skills or talents.

Google is so big that it is now a verb. People google everything, and Google always knows the answer. The most powerful processor in the world will never be able to answer is why did her bum make news?

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