Sunday, March 10, 2013

Welcome to the Party

Ted Baillieu resigned from his leadership of the Victorian Liberal Party this week. Some party. What a disappointment it must be to be invited to join the party only to discover it is political.

Why would anyone want to lead the party? The pressure is always on the host to put on a great party. The entertainment pages might describe it as a “fine affair” but there will always be some party goers that are disappointed. The chicken was too dry, disagreements over the choice of music, the other guests, there is sure to be something that will have some people walking away wishing they were somewhere else.

The National Labor Party has a different problem. Kevin Rudd who refuses to host his own party instead he stands in the corner showing off drawing attention away from others – very ungracious.

Every now and then a new party starts, and for a while some people will find the entertainment and decorations unique and interesting. Over time people realize that this new party really offers very very little that is different from the bigger parties in town; The Democrats, One Nation, Katter’s Australia Party.

Katter’s Australia Party reminds me of fancy dress/costume parties. Everyone is excited at the beginning and there is lots of fun trying to identify who everyone has come dressed. Before long the costumes start to be removed, because they are too hot or impractical and the true person gets revealed. 

People are never as fun when they are bing themselves. Tess Corbett and Bernard Gaynor (an unfortunate surname considering the circumstances) have both been removed from the public eye following outlandish homophobic comments.

Whenever someone tries to make a party more interesting the media attacks them, the opposition does likewise – though I am sure this is more out of jealousy that someone else’s party is better than theirs.

Craig Thompson catches a few taxis and tries to bring a prostitute or two to the party, Peter Sleep tried to have sex in the closet with some of the parties waiting staff, Mary Jo Fisher shoplifted some refreshments, Geoff Shaw who used the party to try and sell products of his own (perhaps getting confused with a Tupperware party).

For some inexplicable reason our parties are full of boring people, all doing the same thing, all the time the public cries out from something different, some personality. Until of course one of them dares show personality then the public turns on them like gatecrashers who find parties on Facebook.

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