Friday, May 16, 2014

Politicians Dance Around The Issues

Peter Costello danced the Macarena and Kevin Rudd the rhumba – both with Kerri-Anne Kennerley. Unfortunately for us Clive Palmer twerked. Unfortunately for Joe Hockey he chose to dance to The Best Day of My Life just moments before handing down his maiden budget at Federal Treasurer.
If politicians each had to have a signature song to which they could shake their groove thing, what would it be.
Julie Bishop could have OneRepublic’s Stop and Stare. While her namesake Bronwyn Bishop could barn dance to The Old grey Mare.

Julia Gillard warmed up for her famous misogyny speech by busting a move to Split Enz I See Red.

Tony Abbott can now disco to the Bee Gees He’s A Liar. As long as he is wearing sparkly Speedos. 

After this week in Parliament, Christopher Pyne, can get down to any song by Anal Cunt.

Anna Bligh, led her government in its response to the 2011 Queensland floods before leading it to one of Labors’ biggest election defeats in 2012. Post politics she can now dance her life away to Big brother & Holding Company’s
Women is a Losers. 

Gough Whitlam can retain some dignity respectfully standing for a rendition of God Save The Queen. 

If ever there was a politician for the common person it was Bob Hawke, who can forget the jacket the tears and calling employers bums when Australia II won the America’s Cup in 1983. Bob would not dance but he would lead a hell of chant of Aussie, Aussie, Aussie. 

John Howard can cut his retirement rug to the sounds of Jim O’Rouke’s Tamper. 

Independent “No Pokies” MP Nick Xenophon loves a good stunt, what better than boot scooting ironically to Kenny Rogers’ The Gambler.

Harold Holt’s ghost can interpretive dance to Richie Allen’s 1962 single Undercurrent. 

Sir Peter Cosgrove, as Her Majesty’s representative in the Australian jurisdiction of the Commonwealth can boogy to ABBA’s number one smash hit Dancing Queen.

Peter Garrett, as former front man of iconic Australian band Midnight Oil can continue to free form in his unique style.


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