Sunday, April 3, 2011

Review - Danny McGinlay

This is the perfect show for Melbourne, Australia’s café capital. It is all about food. Danny presents a unique combination of live cooking, science, video recordings and stand up to get solid laughs. The show is an amalgam of Man Versus Wild, Master Chef and Myth Busters.

In addition to the gags audience members are invited to taste a few of Danny’s culinary creations. He does not worry about “plating up” or getting the right balance of textures, flavours and colours. Danny is a thinker his meals are about solving dietary problems and having fun.

Danny’s grandfather used to tell him that cooking is a game and you can’t win every time. This show is a winner. It is great to see performers doing more than just straight stand up.

Another show that is more than straight stand up, which includes international cuisine

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