Saturday, April 2, 2011

Review - Andrew McClelland

This show is full of potentially confusing contradictions. Firstly it does not contain any jokes – no set ups, no punch lines. Instead Andrew delivers a poetic and verbose monologue, in which he demonstrates his command of the English language and his extensive vocabulary.

He speaks in 3rd person and yet still manages to engage directly with the audience. The anecdotes contain their own anecdotes, creating a complex Sara-Lee* narrative (*later upon layer). At one point there were so many layers that it made Inception comparatively two-dimensional.

The contradictions are deep seated in Andrew himself, having mastered the art of being pompous and humble at the same time which endears him to his audience and brings many of the laughs. This show is a grower, with the laughs starting as gentle chuckles and building throughout the show to an ongoing crescendo of belly laughs.

The person siting next to me got the stitch, two others had to use the toilet for fear of wetting themselves and another sprayed his drink as a result of the hilarity of this performance.

A highly intelligent performance that that you do not need to be a Rhodes Scholar to enjoy. I can neither confirm nor deny if the anecdotes included in this show are true.

All the anecdotes in this show are 100% true...

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