Friday, November 20, 2009

Redundancy Diaries - Thank God You're Here

Redundancy Diaries #2 Thank God You’re Here

The week since the announcement of my redundancy has been one of sympathy from colleagues some of it real, sincere and empathetic some not so much. I got sympathy from people I had never even heard of or met, including people from the unit in which I worked.

If I had to look your name and/or photo up on the intranet then it is probably too late to start communicating with me, unless of course you have rules about relationships with people at work….

If the footage of people sharing with me their messages of sympathy and best wishes would shown on SBS, the subtitles would read “Thank God you’re here!” “Thank God you’re here, otherwise it might have been one of us that was made redundant. It might have been me.”

It makes for good farewell gifts though the mix of guilt and relief tends to make people quite generous. Like a drunken high school dare, I took one for the team and therefore got to take home the loot.

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