Saturday, April 23, 2016

Review: Fever Pitch – The sultry story of Peggy Lee

This is the inaugural solo show for seasoned cabaret and burlesque performer, Camilla Cream. What a way to start a solo career!

From the moment she appears through the black drapes in her full length gown and flapper cloche hat and radiant smile Camilla Cream commands attention on stage. Opening with Fever Cream instantly has the audience in the palm of her hands as she warmly and enthusiastically enters into the audience encouraging them to become part of the show – even getting one woman to get up and dance with her.

Throughout the show Camilla’s honest and disarming style , and beautiful voice which is everything you want a jazz/cabaret performer to be keeps the audience singing and moving along with every song.

The show is a tribute to the life and music of one of the world’s truly great performers, Peggy Lee. The story starts at the end telly of Lee's death then works its way backwards through her career and personal life.  There are two costume changes during the one hour show. One of which occurs whilst Camilla is on stage – sort of. She goes behind the drapes to changes whilst regularly sticking head back through curtain to regales interesting and entertaining piece of Peggy Lee trivia.

Camilla Cream is definitely more comfortable and confident. when singing than she is during the spoken pieces in the show and opening night for a new show is nerve racking for even the most experienced performer. Having said that there is no reason she should be nervous presenting the monologues. Her chatty style is endearing and the witty side comments – both scripted and impromptu – garner many laughs from the audience.

Strictly a limited season, get your tickets now to ensure you do not miss this engaging and highly entertaining show.

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