Thursday, January 7, 2016

Sexist or Not Sexist?

It has been a confusing time recently if you are trying to define sexist behaviour

Chris Gayle telling a female reporter she has beautiful eyes and asking her out for a drink is inappropriate and sexist. The behaviour was criticised immediately by the male Channel Ten commentators who also apologised on behalf of the network, During a recent Big Bash League game

Not Sexist
The exact same commentator who had only minutes before had made a lewd comment suggesting the Chris Gayle was running awkwardly because his groin must be sore from over use. No-one seems to have noticed the double standard, perhaps because it was hidden by the double entendre.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton sent a text message to political editor Samantha Maiden a “mad F*cking witch”. This was sexist. An apology was issued.

Not Sexist[1]
Mr Dutton apologised stating that the text was not meant for her but rather about her. He was meant to send the text to Mr Jamie Briggs, who stood down from his position as Minister for Cities and the Built Environment after an incident involving a female public servant in Hong Kong. An incident on which Ms Maiden reported. Prime Minister Turnball has admonished Mr Dutton about his text but dished out no real consequences. The Same PM who in September 2015 declared it “unAustralian to disrespect women”

Reverse Sexist
A junior female MMA official at a recent weigh-in ogled the male fighters as they stripped off to their obviously sponsored underwear. The female attendant who does not appear to have any real purpose during the process was standing right next to the athletes and copped a real eyeful. The video show she really appreciated the athleticism of the men and her eyes bulged out of her head, almost cartoon like.

Reverse Not Sexist
Nuala Hafner who was on location at Balmoral Beach to report the weather for Sunrise in December 2014. Hafner approached a fit male clad only in speedo as he completed his morning exercises, introduced herself and then asked if he was single. This was considered hilariously funny by the in studio hosts. It must be said that breakfast television hosts will laugh incessantly at even the slightest hint of humour – it might have something to do with them starting work at 3 in the morning.

Women getting paid on average 24% less than men in Australia for performing the same job (

Not Sexist
Women getting paid equal money as men in world tennis whilst performing 40% less work. Men’s tennis is best of 5 sets, women’s tennis is best of 3.

This is all too confusing for me  to work out what is and is not sexist. Perhaps when The Footy Show returns to television in a next couple of months they can clear up this whole cafuffle.

[1] Not sure why female to male is called reverse sexist, surely the reverse of sexism is respectful interaction.

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