Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Less is More

As the footy seasons are again put to bed the winners are grinners and the losers just have a long trip home.  The kilometres of knitwear in the form of team scarves and beanies can be packed away.


Regardless of the code, around the world, football attracts supporters more willing to spend up big on team and team sponsor branded clothing; scarves, hats, caps, beanies, Guernsey’s, jerseys, coats, shirts, t-shirts, tracksuits, socks, underwear, swimwear, polo shirts, jewellery, and this is just the beginning. The likelihood of supporters wearing the team clothing is proportional to the amount the team is winning.

Not only is the range of supporter clothing ridiculously over the top but so is the amount it is all worn. It is time for some simple rules:
During the home and away season
  • At training sessions, only at the training session, not prior to or after the session is complete
  • on the day of the game any time up until the end of the game, unless the team wins (a change of clothes may be required in case the team loses)
  • If the team wins their clothing can be worn until bed time the following day
During finals
  • Training sessions, including the journey to and from the ground
  • Up to 24 prior to the game
  • For winners it remains the same as the home and away season
  •  For supporters of the losing team they can wear the clothing home
For the grand final
  • It is not to be worn every day in the week leading up to the big game except for football functions and events (this includes work lunches)
  • All day on the eve of the grand final
  • All day on the day of the grand final
  • For the loosing team’s supporters, this ends the season.
  • Winning team supporters can wear their team’s clothing up until the end of the first business day following the big day.

Note: face paint should only be on game day, at the game and only if the person being painted is there with their parent. This does not rule out any age groups it just that anyone who is willing to disfigure themselves has an adult present to give consent.

It must be stated that to be eligible to wear team-wear on consecutive days a supporter must own more than one set of team clothing. Football is not excuse for poor hygiene.  This is even more pertinent if travelling on public transport.
We know you love your team and have forked out a lot of money on the membership, the ticket to the game, food and drink at the game and the hundred’s of dollars on licenced merchandise But less is more.

Everyone loves Santa, but as parents will contest, no-one wants to see him every time they go shopping and by New Year he needs to be all safely back home at the North Pole. In Australia is it s the dame with football. By the time cricket is on the beanie and scarf should be back in the pool room.

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