Sunday, August 23, 2015

Photography Tips: White Balance

White Balance: Cloudy
The white balance setting of your digital camera is critical is creating a photograph that captures the colours of the subject correctly. As “oils aint oils”, white is not white. Depending of the source of the light white can appear to the camera as being predominantly blue, orange or yellow.

New cameras often have a white balance button on the body of the camera, for other cameras the white balance controls will be within the menu items.
White Balance: Tungsten
For cameras with the control on the body look for “WB” next to one of the control buttons, it may be a secondary function for one of the buttons. In the menu look for the words “White Balance”.
The two pictures of the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne were taken on an overcast day so the top photo with white balance set on "Cloudy" gives the truer colours. 
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