Tuesday, October 15, 2013


So Bonds has got an advertising campaign where they use their branding guidelines to promote “boobs”. What a surprise people have got upset and complained. Now everyone is talking about their adverts and their brand., thus making the strategy a success.

Is the word boobs really that offensive, every primary school aged child with a calculator can create it on the LCD screen when the maths class gets slow. Silly and immature, yes. Offensive, no.

And lets be frank some of Bonds range of under garments – bras if you cant work it out - are specifically for boobs. Using the calculator model Bonds could use “Boobless” to promote their men’s singlets

It gets a bit more challenging when it comes to underpants. Due to the limitations of letters that can be represented by numbers on a calculator Bonds might have to consider other words used by primary school children.

Here are a few suggestions
  • Doodle
  • Wee wee and pee pee (not sure which is which but one is male and the other female
  • Nuts
  • Botty
  • Bum – for some inexplicable reason this was on the banned list in my home when growing up

Socks, do feet have any nicknames or colloquialism that might be considered offensive by the most conservative members of the community? If not, “tootsies” might just have to do.

It would simplify advertising for other companies’ products if they just had to focus on the product use and describe it one childlike word
  • Tissues – booger
  • Deodorant – stinky
  • Toilet paper – poop
  • Viagra – stiffy

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  1. Saw this ad on a bus today. I, for one, am happy that these things are being advertised and that they are in the public sphere. Just saying...