Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Simple Pleasures

With the hustle and bustle and general stress of daily life we are constantly told of ways we can unwind and detox most of which are elaborate and expensive that requires some forward planning and organising, which in turn often adds as much stress as they purportedly reduce.

Here are some of my simple pleasures that can be savoured and enjoyed for what they are

  • ·         A perfectly ripened piece of fruit, it is sweet juicy and the perfect texture, for me it is biting into a crisp apple
  • ·         On the topic of food, how good is a potato? Either mashed or fried as a chip there is something homey and satisfying
  • ·         Removing a pair of boots, real boots like work boots, ski boots or serious hiking boots, trendy hipster fashion boots do not count. The removal of the weight and the releasing of the feet from the tight confines. Aaahhhhh.
  • ·         Whilst speaking of Aaaaaah. That internal feeling immediately after having a good poo.
  • ·         A bath or shower when the water temperature is Goldilocks - just right
  • ·         Clean sheets on the bed.
  • ·         A warm towel straight out of the drier.
  • ·         A beloved pet falling asleep on your lap. Sure this is difficult if your pet is a gold fish.
  • ·         The satisfaction when after brushing your hair on those rare days when it is perfect.
  • ·         When your drink of choice is prepared exactly as you like it.
  • ·         Someone remembering your birthday without previous reminders.
  • ·         Your own pillow after time away from home.
  • ·         Putting on your favourite t-shirt
  • ·         Spending a lazy morning in your pyjamas
  • ·         Having an empty inbox because everything has been dealt with. Even if only for a moment or two
  • ·         The sound of rain  on an iron roof
  • ·         A friend unexpectedly calling or popping in just to say hi.
  • ·         Finding money that is already yours but had been misplaced and forgotten like $5 in a jacket pocket.
  • ·         Finally getting that little piece of food out from between your teeth, that piece that has driven you mad for ages.

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