Friday, May 1, 2015

Back Pain is Chronic

Chronic back pain is more than just a pain in the neck, though it can lead to that too, it is debilitating.

For 13 months now I have suffered sometimes excruciating back pain, as the muscles in my lumbar region and up my spine go into uncontrollable spasm. By uncontrollable it should be noted that certain prescribed medications control it quite nicely.

Without medication the back pain prevents me from sitting on many seats and stools, the seats on which I can sit down often leave me unable to stand again at the end of the sitting period.

Sitting down is difficult and according to my medical team – yes I now have a team whose children’s university education I am funding – sitting down also adds to the problems in my back.

Laying down provides great relief to the pain caused by sitting. The medication also makes laying down a preferred option, The label warning “may cause drowsiness” is like the ABC show no bias way of saying “will send you to sleep for approximately 10 hours.” Whilst the laying down reduces the pain apparently it adds to the problems causing the pain in the first place.  In short the medication eases the pain enough so that you can sleep but the sleep causes more pain so you can’t get up again.

Standing gives relief to the pain in the arse, back and neck that is sitting down.  Standing up all day is exhausting. As we have witnessed with the on-going injuries to Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke serious back problems can lead to issues and injuries with the hamstrings. Standing becomes increasingly difficult and painful as the hamstrings progressively tighten.

My medical team strongly recommend walking, preferably uphill or up stairs. Back muscles in spasm that prevent you from standing up straight paired with tightening hamstrings that  prevent the legs bending as they should and medication that causes me to sleep before I can even finish tie-ing my shoelaces makes walking difficult.

In summary, sitting is agony, standing painful and laying down injury inducing. I am hoping Bunnings sells a hoist system. Not that I can get there to buy it.

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