Sunday, December 8, 2013

Warning - Cyclists

20 things to be weary of when cycling

  • Car doors opening
  • Cars turning
  • Cars turning without indicating
  • Cars
  • Debris on the road surface and along the road’s edge
  • Low hanging branches
  • Pedestrians who think on-road bike lanes are actually extensions of the footpath and stand in them waiting to cross the road
  • Other cyclists ignoring more road rules than yourself who will pop up unexpectedly in traffic
  • Magpies
  • Traffic in all its forms that can not  maintain a straight line, instead gradually veer from left to right as you attempt to overtake
  • Pot holes
  • Shoe laces that like magnets are attracted to gear cogs
  • Lycra overdose
  • Delusions of grandeur, wearing 30 different sponsors logos does not mean they will sponsor you or that you will win the Tour de France
  • If you are in the tour avoid riding directly behind someone who stands up in the saddle when they are not increasing power for a hill or a burst of speed. I hear stopping to go to the toilet wastes precious minutes
  • Kangaroos, ok this might only be for Australian cyclists, but with one being caught at Melbourne International Airport inside the terminal, they might literally appear anywhere,
  • Reflector/light overdose, sure some might be appropriate or even a legal requirement to increase your visibility, but it you look like you are signalling the mother ship to take you back to your home planet then you might be a distraction and danger to others
  • The drinks holder is not for cafĂ© latte
  • Cycling shorts are for cycling not for shopping or dining
  • Bicycles do not fit on commuter trains, so get your bike off the train and RIDE it

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