Thursday, November 14, 2013

What to do when bored at work

Things to do when bored at work

  1. Colour in yellow post it notes with yellow highlighter
  2. Download new apps for your smart phone
  3. Play with new apps on your smart phone
  4. Go to the bathroom and change the part in your hair to the other side
  5. Plan and book holidays
  6. Plan and book activities for weekend; dinners, tickets to shows/sports
  7. Look for other jobs
  8. Nothing, just sit and stare at a blank screen and see how long it takes for someone to notice
  9. Take off a shoe and put it on your desk and see how long it takes for someone to notice
  10. Email conversations with friends
  11. Read online newspapers, every article
  12. Test the limits of the work
  13. Make sculptures from office supplies
  14. Force yourself into every conversation happening in the office
  15. Practice signing your name to try and create a more elaborate and impressive signature
  16. Teach yourself another language
  17. Walk around the office looking for leftovers from catered meetings, and team morning teas and help yourself to anything you find
  18. Take a book to the toilet and read
  19.  Map out a route to walk around the office a so that you pass each desk once and only once
  20. Time yourself walking the route you mapped
  21. Try to beat your time.
  22. Make yourself a coffee, even though you only drink tea just so you have a reason to go back to the kitchen to re-make your drink
  23. Photocopy/print documents then put them straight in the recycling
  24. Test the limits of the organisations spam and internet security filters
  25. Book your self out for a meeting and just go shopping
  26. On a Wednesday count how many people you can get to say “Hump-day”
  27. On a Friday count how many people you can get to say “Thanks God It’s Friday”
  28. Put red lids on the blue pens and blue lids on the red pens in the stationery cupboard, if you are really bored swap the end caps as well
  29. Swap everything on your colleague’s desk to the other side so it is a mirror image of itself.
  30. Drink!
  31. Dial a random sequence of numbers on the work phone and see who answers and where in the world they are
  32. Maintain a map on Google map dropping pins to show all of the places you have randomly called
  33.  Take the Super Trooper challenge, and like the characters of the 2001 comedy film try and include the word “meow” in every sentence you speak
  34. Clean your workstation like a person with OCD
  35. Wink at every third person that passes your desk
  36. Create a crossword using jargon specific  to your industry
  37. Write a haiku poem
  38. Recite you haiku poem for your colleagues
  39. Go to the shared office lolly jar and see how many lollies you can fit into your mouth at once
  40. Write lists and blog about them

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