Friday, January 18, 2013

Religious Freedom

So the Government is legislating to redefine human rights in Australia based on religious beliefs and doctrine. Divorcees, people in same sex relationships, people in defacto relationships and single/unmarried parents could become obvious victims of this legislation.

Is the beginning of a very slippery slope?

Many religions have unique dress codes which seem to be more human than divine in their origin. Should someone be refused a job because they do not want to wear a silly hat?

Religious leaders themselves could also get caught up in this. Many teachings identify a Sabbath day and keep it holy and sacred. One rule in support of this is to not work on the Sabbath. It can be argued by many that the Sabbath is the only day of the week ministers of religion work. If they can deny someone a job because they might become pregnant then at the end of the next sermon all ministers of religion should be fired.

Relationship status seems to be a significant issue in these laws. Who knew that Facebook updates could be so important? In the Catholic church I expect people who are not continuously pregnant (or impregnating their wife – for the men) that they should also be at risk of discrimination. A couple’s barrenness or small family size being cited as irrefutable evidence of their use of contraception.

Due directionally challenged people whose religion observes prayer facing a particular way run the risk of discrimination? Just because one can’t read a compass or face due west does that mean they are not a good accountant?

Christian churches celebrate the Eucharist/Holy Communion consisting of wine and unleavened bread. Watch out if you are fructose or gluten intolerant, because your church might now be intolerant of you.

Religions also have obscure rules in their past. Weren’t redheads once considered the devil’s children? This could be the real reason Nicole Kidman left Tom Cruise, as a redhead she was not acceptable to the Church of Scientology. What about people that have strawberry-blonde hair? Where does it stop?

This leaves the door open for religions to just make up rules to suit their purposes (something history shows us religion is very apt at doing). People under a certain height, overweight, bad teeth/hair/fashion, people with a supernumerary nipple, twins, IVF births, poor people, left handers, role game players and historical battle re-enactors, poor table manners. Will there be a split between cat and dog lovers?

It could be fun being on the interview panel when it comes to giving feedback.

“Thankyou  Ms Fletcher, your references are impeccable, work typing speed and telephone manner are the best we have ever seen. Unfortunately your medical shows that you were born with two webbed toes so there is no way we can hire you as a receptionist.

And you call yourself Ms, not Miss or Mrs, that means you must be a lesbian. That must mean you play women’s cricket. Do the webbed toes make running for a quick single harder or easier?"

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