Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Who would you kick out?

Rihanna was kicked off a Northern Ireland farm last week where she was filming an upcoming film clip. The farmer who had previously agreed to the use of his land (for a fee) took offence at the performers scantily clad body and changed his mind.

He revoked his permission.

He was offended by her body and not the cliché and predictable nature of her music and choreographed interpretation of same. Interesting.

What I want to know is who you would allow to use your property and for what purpose and then for what reason would you change your mind and kick them out?

Here are three to get you started.

Serena Williams, I would invite her to play tennis, one of the few exciting players on the female circuit. I would kick off my property just to see to lose the plot and launch into one of her now infamous verbal tirades.

As an aeronautical pioneer, Buzz Aldrin would be my second guest. His adventure are sure to lead to hours of interesting and inspiring stories of adventure and scientific discovery. I would kick him out as he is experienced - and almost forgotten in history as a result – of his ability to show good grace at being the second out. He would take it all in his stride.

The third person would be Jesus Christ. I have a few questions I want to ask…and I expect answers, damn it! Besides he was a man of great wisdom and I am not adverse to learning a thing or two. I would kick him out because he is going to return again in three days anyway and all will be forgiven.

Now it is your turn, who would you invite and ultimately kick out?

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