Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Going Gaga

The media no longer seem concerned about Lady Gaga’s gender. Early in her meteororic rise to fame they were curious as to whether her genitalia was an inny or an outy. Was the title “Lady” a self imposed misdirection rather than an a royally bestowed hereditary aristocracy. Was she infact the human incarnate of the reality television show Ladette to Lady?

The universe was of course lead down the media-led search for an hermaphrodite, with their main area of the search limited to the confines of Lady Gaga’s undies.

Very little comment was made by commentators as the the merits of her music or stage performances. In the world of music careers being discovered on YouTube opposed to years of grafting musical talent on stages in dingy bars to audiences of fewer people than the local drunk has teeth is it any wonder Gaga added a few stunts to her act to get the worlds attention. Ok so arriving a n awards show in a meat dress might be a cut too far

Now the media types are complaining that Lady Gaga might be too gay. Of course they are! These are the same commentators that were obsessed with the fact that both Ian Thorpe and Ricky Martin were not gay enough.

Are the media really concerned about celebrities sexuality, or are they just that lonely that as long as they are talking about someone’s sex life they can avoid the emptiness of their own bedroom?

As NBC executives once said, “ a person’s sexual preference is no-one’s business but their own.” Do we care that politicians have affairs? Sure for some pollies there is a definite cringe factor akin to the day children realise that their own existence is a result of their own parents bumping uglies. Like with Gareth Evans and Cheryl Kernot announced their relationship. The country was horrified, less because they were having an affair, more because no-one could (or wanted to) imagine them naked…together.

The criticism of Gaga comes on the back of her very public support for gay marriage. Tracy Morgan (30 Rock) was criticised not for his support of gay marriage but for threatening to shoot his own son if he came out. Note he is not concerned about his sons sexuality or whom he may choose to marry but just rather if his son publicly declares his preference. Morgan has adopted the US military creed of “don’t ask, don’t tell”.

At the same time the thinly veiled pressure for Julia Gillard and Tim Mathieson (another political couple no-one wants to imagine naked) to marry.

Married, not married, gay, straight, single regardless of a celebrities situation the media is not happy. Or bored. We now live in a 24hour news cycle where media outlets feel compelled to report news non-stop regardless of how little news actually took place. Some days a 24minute news cycle is still 20minutes too long.

So the media makes things up or report trivia like news.

They are driving me gaga.

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